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Carlos G. Valles
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The alternative to violence


I wrote this book in India, in Gujarati which is one of the main languages of India in the year of Gandhi's centenary (1969). He was precisely a native of that state, Gujarat, in it was in Gujarati that he wrote his autobiography (A story of my experiments with truth) which his secretary, Mahadev Desai, translated into English from where it went to all the languages of the world. Now I've translated my own book into English. Gandhi's teaching and example on non-violence, sealed with his own death, are more and more necessary with the increase of violence in our days: terrorism, wars far and close. More intimately, they help us to subdue the seeds of violence we all bear within us: ill temper, anger, secret hate. We all need Gandhi close to us.

This book in its Gujarati original received the first price of the Indian government for Gujarati literature in 1969.