Good that we meet.
On screen and heart.
In electronic company.
In Peace and Joy.
Carlos G. Valles
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My books

"Know Thyself" and Be Yourself

This is the most systematic of all my books. A kind of manual in three clear parts: Owning the Past, Taming the Future, Living the Present. Our energies are dispersed what with regretting the past and with worrying about the future. With the result that we miss the present. We forget the wisdom of the age-old commandment: Do what you do. The glory of God is man fully alive. Every man and woman is a unique creation of God, meant to give him glory by being fully, uniquely, differently the personal work of art God meant him or her to be. Thus my first duty as a person is to be myself, and to be so in the totality of God's creative dream for me from an eternity of love.