Good that we meet.
On screen and heart.
In electronic company.
In Peace and Joy.
Carlos G. Valles
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"It was on the first day of Navratri that I landed in India. The first night, I am not referring to my first arrival many years before, but to the recent call I now got from my friends there. I had retired back to Spain after fifty years in India, and now on this occasion they had called me from Ahmedabad for a formal farewell form the city and the friends and the land that had been mine for so many years and continued to be so in my heart. I readily agreed. I myself had missed such a farewell. After my retirement form teaching at St Xavier´s College I had come out to Spain only for a time to take care of my mother who, on turning 90 and being alone, had called me to take care of her. I went to Spain to keep her company, always with the idea of returning to India in the end. My mother must have been rejuvenated with my presence by her side because she happily lived to be 101, and by them my field of work had shifted to Spain. I stayed, and the years went by. So now, when the opportunity arose and the invitation came, I welcomed the idea of coming for a visit back to Gujarat where I would hug friends, make apeeches, neck garlands, record the event in my web site, and formally close the best chapter of my life...." (Abstract from the book)