Good that we meet.
On screen and heart.
In electronic company.
In Peace and Joy.
Carlos G. Valles
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My books

A Study in Self-Integration

"Each one of us is born as many, and dies as one", said Heiddeger. The chapters of this book run through several of the "many" I have been, "I am my mother's son", "I am a writer", "I am my ideas", "I am my feelings"..., to end up with "I am I". Along our lives we all go on combining and reconciling and bringing together all those strains that together make up our personality, till we weave them into the unique pattern our life turns out to be. It is important to recognise the variety of colours and lines and trends that we know we are, so that we ignore none of our riches and forget none of our shades. All are needed for the final picture.